Those waiting patiently for their "partner" to propose marriage, or who are wishing for good marriage luck to ripen for them can display this Sage of Marriage star symbol complete with the "book of love" which also brings a happy pairing. The Chinese believe that displaying this Sage of Marriage will cause your marriage chi to ripen fasten and better, bringing you a "partner" who makes you happy and contented.

Place in the SW of your bedroom for best effect, although in 2019, you can also display this on a cabinet along the North side of your bedroom. Georgie will write a prayer for you. 

Sage of Love and Marriage

    • Weight: 795 grams
    • Height: 13.0 cm
    • Length: 13.0 cm
    • Width: 6.0 cm
    • Make: Metal

    *The above measurements are all approximate.