The magical Windhorse flies over a sea of obstacles bringing victory and success. The Windhorse is the powerful horse of King Gesar, and he is famed for bringing and boosting one's success potential. His body is a bright red colour. He pacifies all negativity and subdues all anger energies aimed your way.

Everyone should carry this beautiful Windhorse Talisman but it is particularly beneficial for those with low "lung ta" levels in their element luck profiles; in 2018, this means those born in years of the Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey and Dog. All these signs need extra lung ta assistance from the Windhorse. As a protective talisman, carrying the Windhorse protects against hostile forces and office politics, and helps you cope with any difficulties you may encounter in everyday living. Carry this Windhorse talisman to bring success luck and triumph in all your endeavours.

Magical Windhorse Talisman Keychain