Using a pair of the dogs repressed any outbursts of theft, accidents and bad intents, and instead brought monetary gain and good Feng Shui.Fu dogs are loyal protectors with the ferocity of the lion. Tradition depicts them as the guardians of the gates of heaven, able to perceive those with good or bad intentions. In ancient times, all important buildings were guarded by statues of Fu Dogs. And Fu Dogs are still used to today to flank and watch over many auspicious entrances to businesses, banks, hotels and the like. You can even find them on door knockers and pottery.They are known to have the power to eliminate negative chi. Their power is strong in neutralizing or deflecting the dreaded shar chi or poison arrows that come off of sharp corners, busy traffic routes pointed toward you, hospitals, police stations, schools and any imposing structure like a lamp post or telephone booth.

Guardians Fu Dogs Brass

  • Weight : 1,750.00g ( 3.86 lbs)
    Dim: 2x3.25x5.875 in each (5.1x8.3x14.9 cm)
    Material: Brass