Fu Dogs, with their threatening expressions and strong-toned bodies, are mythical protectors of the gates of heaven - they serve to protect the heavens from malicious spirits and evil influences. Because of this, the Fu Dogs remain as a symbol of protection and stability, being used widely in homes and offices. In ancient times, the Fu Dogs were always seen in front of places of important, such as temples and palaces.In this modern day, the Fu Dogs are still used to guard, but they are more widely used; one can see them in front of large estates, restaurants, banks, hotels, stores and homes. When positioned there, the Fu Dogs is said to deter those with aims to harm or hinder the establishment from entering. There have been many tales of how the Fu Dogs helped the lives of various people, some of these being businessmen, politicians, and other people of power. Using a pair of the dogs together is believed to repress any outbursts of theft, accidents and bad intents, and also bring

Fu Dog Jade

  • Weight : 1,750.00g ( 3.86 lbs)
    Dim: 2x3.25x5.875 in each (5.1x8.3x14.9 cm)
    Material: Jade - Colour may varies