The most powerful remedy for the Five Yellow (wu wang). The square base has the powerful Symbols has also been placed on the sides of the pagoda to dispel all other dark forces that may be hovering near the Five Yellow. This metal five element pagoda is especially suitable for the Authority affliction in this year of the Metal Ox. Around the base shape of the square, there are symbols so that placing this simplified five element pagoda radiates powerful energies that also brings blessings into the home. The Five Yellow it is a severe affliction, and incorporating the strength of this powerful geometrics effectively purifies the energies in the environment. Make a silent wish each time you see this Five Element Pagoda of your home. This activates the mantra placed at its base.

NOTE: All Five Yellow cures should be removed after a year. We do not advise reusing cures that have been used to suppress the Five Yellow Star, given that the cure has absorbed such a lot of negative energy.


Powerful Five Element Pagoda

SKU: 5EP2021
  • Weight: 620 grams
    Height: 19.0 cm
    Length: 6.0 cm
    Width: 6.0 cm
    Make: Brass
    Note: The above measurements are all approximate.