The annual amulet features the ruling animal sign of the year the Rat with Lotus and Ingots on one side, and the Dragon (an ally of the Rat) with Ru Yi and Ingots on the other. It includes the lucky saying “Woh Hup Yue Yee” meaning Harmony and Unity, which ensures the year ahead proceeds smoothly for you. This year the Betrayal Star takes center stage but combines with the gossip and discord in the Rat sector to bring auspicious sum-of-ten luck; this indicates that this is a year with hidden wealth and good fortune which must be uncovered for it to benefit you. Carrying the symbols on this amulet unlocks the growth energy and good fortune of springtime and ensures you maintain harmonious relationships with all you interact with. 

Annual Keychain Amulet 2020

SKU: AKA2020
Products Details: Weight: 55 grams Diameter: 5.0 cm Height: 10.0 cm